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Re: Judy Woodruff

OK, I might as well confess: I’m a

conservative who watches CNN in the morning, not “Fox & Friends,” and it’s

not just so I can see Jonah mix it up with Donna Brazile (another

confession: I really like Donna Brazile). I used to go on F&F from time to

time when I lived in NYC, and a nicer, more fun bunch of folks you’ll never

find. However, I find I’m not prepared to have all that fun in the morning.

I’m drinking my coffee, I’m checking my e-mail, I want something more sober.

I want Jack Cafferty being all curmudgeonly. I cotton to the low-key snark

of Andy Serwer. And I prefer to get my artificial stimulation from the six

cups of coffee I drink every morning, dang it.


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