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Re: July Surprise

Rich – Yeah I hear you. And the skepticism from numerous military guy readers echoes the point. Moreover there are non-partisan political reasons for giving the ISI a deadline. Remember Spain? Nabbing Osama before an American election makes some sense, doesn’t it? Also, we didn’t give the ISI a deadline for two years and so for two years they didn’t catch him. What’s wrong with trying a deadline?

Also, while I think deliberately trying to disrupt the Democratic Convention — if true — would be a stupid move, since when is it so outrageous for an elected leader to try to deliver results to the electorate before an election? Isn’t that the whole point of elections? To hold leaders accountable? That, after all, is a far different thing then the Michael Moore theories that Bush knows where Osama Bin Laden is and can produce him at any politically convenient time.


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