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re: Ken Mehlman

What Pete Wehner writes strikes me as very true: 

my sense is that it’ll be a lot less of a big deal to conservatives than it might be to liberals like (just to choose one name at random) Frank Rich, for whom the political is also the personal. While it’s something that runs counter to the stereotype, most of the conservatives I know are largely to completely indifferent to a person’s sexual orientation. They are the kind of people who might even invite Elton John to perform at their weddings and not give a second thought to the fact that John is gay.

I hope Rich is right and Ken is characteristically decent in his role as a spokesman for the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Their side of the Proposition 8 debate –which the group was born out of  – has not been known for its fairness and decency. It’s made a difficult situation worse for everyone, I think it’s safe to say. 



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