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Re: Kerry’s Arrogance

From a reader:

These stories all revolve around Senator Kerry and his alleged need for special access and treatment. But doesn’t this also point out how inefficient he and his staff are? Most people who are bringing an entourage to ski, or a Senator to dinner, would at least call ahead and even make arrangements for the skis, menu, etc. Hell, we did this for senior military officers you’d think a senator’s staff would know this. Instead they rely on their muscle to push the little people around.

So, doesn’t this mean that instead of the populist he claims to be, he’s actually the archetype for the ugly American he claims GWB is?

Bonus: Remember the questions GWB got about the names of foreign leaders and Kerry’s speech about “Gentlemen, Start your engines”? Someone should ask Kerry to name three living NASCAR drivers. Then he should kiss the Red States goodbye.


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