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Re: Kevin Phillips, Again

I’m with Jonah on this. I heard part

of the Phillips interview on Diane Rehm today, and I thought I was listening

to a well-heeled conspiracy nut on the old Art Bell show. He kept going on

about how the Bushes, including the current president, are a bunch of

bluebloods who have nothing in common with the common man. It brought to

mine something my mom said to me once, about G.W. Bush: “I feel like he

could walk in and sit down to have a cup of coffee with us, and he’d be

right at home.” That’s the kind of thing my folks, who are rural

working-class Southerners, used to say about Reagan. Back then, as a liberal

high school and college student, I sneered at their ignorance. But I was the

one who was missing something big. So is Kevin Phillips.


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