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re: The King and The King

An e-mail from Josh Groban’s mom (I joke…I joke…):

I saw your post on Elvis’s Christmas cd and other Christmas cds. Did you know that Elvis’ 50 year record was broken this month by Josh Groban? Josh’s gorgeous Christmas cd, Noel, is full of classic Christian Christmas songs. Noel is the number 1 Album of the Year! That’s out of all albums. And it has only been out since 9 October. A lot of people attribute this to Josh performing on Oprah’s Favorite Things program, but we all really know it is because of The Voice, the fact that most people don’t buy Christmas cds in October, and, truly, the fact that he is singing traditional, Christian Christmas songs. That last can’t be under-estimated. Noel has been #1 for 4 weeks!


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