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Re: Krugman

An e-mail: “I was in Iraq in the spring and summer of 2003. I worked for the CPA in Kirkuk. I can tell you that until June when they sacked Garner and brought in Bremmer nothing was getting done. What saved Iraq from being much worse than it was, was the fact that the CPA and the military were smart enough to give responsible people money and send them out to start rebuilding and hire Iraqis and not worry about having some huge bureacratic grant and auditing system. People didn’t steal and followed the rules and did some amazing things. I was one of those people like Ms. Leeden running around with leterally thousands of dollars in some cases spending it on rebuildig projects. Now, to have Krugman come back and accuse us all of being flacks for Haliburton and for loosing the war, is really a kick in the teeth.”


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