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Re: Kuhner’s Odd Rant

Ramesh — You write that “It is difficult to exaggerate how stupid the whole piece is.” You may be understating things. This really caught my eye. Kuhner writes:

Mr. Frum is consistently wrong. For example, he has led the charge in defense of uncontrolled immigration, claiming it is good for business and America.

Not only is Frum not for uncontrolled immigration — as 30 seconds of googling would reveal — the notion that he “led the charge” for it is fairly incomprehensible. To get Frum’s position wrong is one thing. But to say he led the charge for a position he doesn’t hold suggests that Kuhner doesn’t actually pay much attention to the argument on the Right. Which makes it odd that he’s annointing himself the spokesman for true conservatives pitted against Washington elitists in some “civil war.” Indeed, he closes the piece with this:

By contrast, elitist conservatives sit in their ivory towers building castles in the sky as their country burns.

He’s then identified as a “columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington policy institute.” Beltway columnists who are presidents of Washington policy institutes have every right to complain about ivory tower elitists, but you’d think they’d write a bit more carefully.

I have my disagreements with David — as do you, as anyone who actually followed intra-conservative debates would know — but I’m at a loss as to why Kuhner thinks it’s a winning approach to simply make things up.

Oh, one last thing, I wish you’d told me that you’d abandoned the defense of the unborn.


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