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Re: Kuhner’s Odd Rant

Jonah, Ramesh, as someone who inclines more to the Rush side of the argument I thought the Kuhner piece was horrible — and horribly written: all that stuff about you elitists in your ivory towers going up to your porcelain belfries to build your castles in the air by leaning your stepladders of licorice sticks up against clouds of European Union-prohibited bovine flatulence.

Still, I’m several time-zones away and a bit jet-lagged so I misread his scornful reference to “David Frum and his ilk” as “David Frum and his elk.”

And suddenly David’s hostility to Governor Palin seemed far more understandable.

(PS How many do you need for an “ilk”? I’m not sure Frum qualifies.)

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