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Re: Last of the Caucasians

Woah, steady on, Jonah. I didn’t say I was on board with the entire Buchananite thesis. Pat sees the world racially, I see it culturally. Derb thinks this distinction is a dodge and a lot of hooey, but he can address that himself. Nevertheless, I distinguish between an Indian and a Pakistani: Buchanan doesn’t. Likewise, I think he insufficiently distinguishes between, say, a Belgian and an Englishman. And, aside from all that, the term “Caucasian” includes Arabs. As I say in the hot new intro to the paperback of America Alone (released this very day in Canada), one place that’s brimming with Caucasians is the Caucasus, and they’re all Muslim and one big headache for Moscow.

Re the “moral” difference between Hitler, Stalin and demographic suicide: You’re right, of course. But forget murder, mass slaughter, genocide. In the 14th century, the Black Death reduced the Continent’s population by a third; in the 21st, the numbers will fall by a larger proportion – as you say, by choice. That may not be morally equivalent to the Fuhrer et al but it’s remarkable nonetheless.

Finally, your closing sentence:

Controlling your destiny (assuming you have the political will to do so) is more possible today than it was when comparatively tiny British isles dictated not only their own destiny but the destiny of much of the globe. 

That’s largely self-refuting: Do you see a lot of “will” in the husk of western Europe or even an America which, if not yet wholly Obamafied, is very tentative about asserting its interests around the world? And, on the larger point, the “comparatively tiny British Isles” were the first people on earth to conquer infant mortality, so two centuries ago they had excess manpower, and they exported it, settling America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Just as today “comparatively tiny” Yemen has excess manpower and exports it.

Does this make a difference? Well, even today, if you look at the GDP per capita of nations over ten million, the Top Four are an anglophone sweep: America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.

I’m not as glum as Buchanan, but something’s going on here; it puts, at the very minimum, a question-mark over the future; and, alas, one-and-a-half parties in our two-party system are committed to policies that exacerbate these trends.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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