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Re: LBJ & Sestak

Rich – I’m still more concerned with the cover-up than the crime (and I’m enjoying watching our super-competent White House create such an idiotic mess for itself). But there’s another point to be made about liberals invoking LBJ’s chicanery from nearly half a century ago. Often, when conservatives point out old precedents (FDR endorsed military tribunals for enemy combatants, LBJ taped conversations, whatever) liberals will respond with “that was then, this is now” arguments. We’re better than we used to be! Our conduct has evolved, blah, blah, blah.

Now, Barack “Change the Way Washington Works & Destroy the Matrix to Boot” Obama is justified in his naked horse-trading because LBJ(!) did it too? And even LBJ’s aides were squeamish about such stuff!

Wow, that is a lame argument.


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