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Re: Legal Times On Jay Sekulow

From a reader:

Thank you for posting the information about the article on Jay Sekulow. I have been a supporter of the ACLJ, but I am very disheartened by this information. I am one of the people who gives “small donations” to his group, among other religious and conservative groups….We have a very tight budget, but we give to our church and to other worthy causes. I highly resent the fact that Mr. Sekulow is living the high life off of people like us. I don’t resent someone heading up a large charitable organization earning a healthy salary, but this seems to be an example of lavish living gone too far. I can’t even count the number of email and snail-mail requests I get from ACLJ each month, asking for donations. If the information in this article is true, I think that I have given my last donation to ACLJ.


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