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re: The Limbaugh Effect: Der patriotische Partisanen-General Rush Limbaugh

Globally acknowledged; here, in Germany.

I’m expecting a Corner reader in Heidelberg (my favorite German town) to translate it before I get to sleep.

UPDATE: I love our readers. When should I schedule the Heidelberg NRO event for? As requested:

“Operation Chaos Infiltrates Hillary’s Voters”

The duel between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is costing the

Democrats energy and money. Republicans are using it to their advantage:

they’re secretly voting in the Democratic primaries in order to prolong

the duel – and see themselves as partisans of “Operation Chaos.” Their

goal: a disaster at the Democratic Convention.

They see themselves as partisan spoilers who sow confusion behind enemy

lines: Republican voters who vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic

primaries in order to prolong and take advantage of the energy expending

duel with Barack Obama. Supposedly they played a subversive role in

Clinton’s successes in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In Indiana and

North Carolina they were allegedly underhanded with their votes. They

are the soldiers of “Operation Chaos.”

The creator and commanding General is Rush Limbaugh, the most

influential talk radio showman of the right in the USA. Three hours as

day, five times a week Limbaugh spouts poison for the edification of

millions of listeners in the entire land against liberal conspirators,

defeatists, war dissidents, traitors. In his book, from the beginning,

Hillary Clinton has the rank of high priestess and first witch of the


With growing pleasure Limbaugh has followed the battle between Clinton

and Obama. Although he can hardly suffer John McCain, Hillary must be

burned at the stake at all costs. Which is why Limbaugh called for

“Operation Chaos.” It ends, as he announced in his show a few day ago,

with the dream of a repeat of the Chicago convention of 1968, with

burning cars, protests, fires, revolt: that is the goal. And nothing on

the battlefield (the primaries) has happened that changes this goal.

Now, one can say that Rush Limbaugh is a fool and a big mouth whose

every mention is more than he deserves. Equally puzzling are the various

state-by-state party rules that make such prank votes possible. And no

one seems to know whether these votes play a significant role or not.

The Democrat’s Heads Are Exploding with Rage.

In Indiana there is no party registration. In the primary one marches to

a polling place, receives either a “D” or an “R” ballot and promises in

the Presidential election in November to vote for the party’s candidate.

No one can be forced to do that. Generally, where people know each

others politics, party activists supposedly attempt to pressure known

conservatives who seek a ballot for Obama/Clinton out of voting.

This was the assertion on May 2 from a foot soldier in Bloomington

(Indiana) in Rush Limbaugh’s show. He addressed him as “Commander” and

praised the bravery of the partisans of “Operation Chaos.” The foot

soldier bragged he took his wife, son, and daughter on a holy mission

even though he was threatened with legal action from a law professor

from the University of Indiana. He’s made himself punishable.

Ridiculous, advised General Limbaugh, the pressure tactics of the enemy

have no basis in law. As long as the true foot soldier doesn’t reveal

his secret no one can prove for whom he voted. Or, as the soldier

feared, declare his vote as invalid. He explained that he told everyone

he voted for Hillary to prevent Obama from “destroying this country.”

The heads of the Democratic party leadership in his region “exploded

with rage.” Well done, continue, ordered Limbaugh. All foolishness, a

harmless game?

No One Knows How Many Prank Voters There Are

In the campaign staff of Barack Obama no one is so sure. Indiana, the

home of choice of the Ku Klux Klan, has an infamous history of racial

tension. How Obama does there is a measure of his chances in the front

line states in November. No Democratic presidential candidate has won

Indiana since 1964. Obama’s staff estimates the number of Republican

voters in the Democratic primary at five percent; the Democratic party

chair in Indiana, Dan Parker, says up to fifteen percent. No one knows.

Then there are the honest cross-overs who have been inspired by the

Clinton/Obama duel in the mix with the prank votes. Murray Clark, the

Republican chairman doesn’t hold much for “Operation Chaos”: “To vote

for a democrat is not a practice I wish for our voters.”

Wished for or not, now we have a clue why Bill Clinton has made nearly

100 campaign appearances in deeply conservative Indiana communities. He

spoke to the partisans of “Operation Chaos”. If Hillary wins in Indiana

and possibly in North Carolina, the suspicion will remain that the enemy

assisted. The patriotic partisan General Rush Limbaugh is infallible in

his field campaign. In speaking to his troops he swore never to leave

“one of their comrades in the trenches behind.” As one of his listeners

asked him how could he instigate real trouble during the Democratic

convention he responded he’s not instigating, he’s merely dreaming. Then

he sang the tender melody from “White Christmas”: “I’m dreaming of riots

in Denver.”


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