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We also, Jonah, weekly communicate with blog god Hugh Hewitt (I do his show every Tuesday) who often has “Northern Alliance” blogger guest hosts, debate with bloggers (Andrew Sullivan for goodness sakes, HH re: Specter, and the list goes on), incorporated a number of bloggers large and small in our election coverage on our popular Battlegrounders blog…

A few other random but associate thoughts: If I or someone else in The Corner doesn’t credit a blog for some story or another a particular blog linked to first, it’s probably because I/whoever didn’t get the link from that blog, directly–some reader passed it on, a co-worker or friend imed it to me, etc…. There are so many blogs out there, if we don’t talk about you that doesn’t mean we’re dissing you, it might just mean we’re not seeing you. Feel free to e-mail (which is no guarantee, but a start), as some of your blogging colleagues do already.


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Let the Churches Speak

Let the Churches Speak

If politicians are starting to threaten religious institutions for internal decisions, maybe it’s time to challenge these erratic expression restrictions.