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Re: Long Book Reviews

Derb — Thanks for the kind words. One clarification. I said I love reading long book reviews. I am more ambivalent about writing them. If it’s a good/interesting book, I suppose I’d rather write long than short. But part of my point was that I like long book reviews because it spares me from reading books I might not be able to get around to. Indeed,  my absolute favorite long book reviews are those multi-book reviews that give you a sense where the entire debate on a subject is, and I’m not sure those are for me. I don’t know that I have the patience to read three, four or five books on the same topic all at once. And that’s for subjects that really interest me. The utility of the multi-book book review  is that they explain where the specialists are on subject outside your  own primary interests, like physics or archeology. 

Jonah Goldberg — Jonah Goldberg holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute and is a senior editor of National Review. His new book, The Suicide of The West, is on sale now.

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