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Re: Looting At U.N.

From a reader in the Midwest: “About a year ago my niece went to a Dollar

General store (a cut-rate retailer similar to Big Lots) late on a Sunday

evening. She picked up a few things and went to check out but there was no

clerk. She and a few other customers waited at the check out line – still no

clerk appeared. They called out – no answer. They looked in the back room –

nobody there. They all agreed they had better call the police and then waited

for them to arrive. As it turned out the store was closed but whoever was

supposed to lock up didn’t. They could have robbed the place blind – instead

they all behaved like decent honest people. My niece is a 19-year-old

college student and I’m sure that most of those other Dollar General shoppers

were not exactly rolling in money. Just the sort of people that those snotty

thieves at the UN would look down their noses at. The next time those UN

weasels get on their moral high-horse I’ll be thinking of this.”


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