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Re: Mac vs. PC

After reading his article, I’m guessing that Jim Geraghty has never experienced life on Planet Mac. It’s a celestial body in orbit somewhere between Jupiter and Google — a place where everything works because it’s supposed to, not because you rebooted six times. In the now-famous “Mac vs. PC” commercials, Justin Long’s character, the Mac, condescends to John Hodgman’s, the PC, for good reason : simply, Macs are better.

I’m not one of “those” guys either — you know, one of the ones who would have sacrificed life and limb for their Apple II. I’ve worked on PCs my entire — albeit short — adult life, and I’m proud of the fact that I can walk people through PC problems screen-by-screen from memory. (Rich Lowry once apologized for waking me at night with a computer problem. I told him there was nothing for which to apologize as I didn’t remember taking his call. Apparently I fixed his wireless connection while sleeping.)

But, I do recognize a better product when I use it, and my experience with Apple has been far smoother than that of any Windows product. Yes, if the ideal government were induced from Apple, it would be a Democratic one: Apple takes more of your money while promising a better product. However, while Apple is successful in delivering their product, the idyllic harmony and joyful peace conveyed by Obama can’t be created through higher taxes and more government programs.

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