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Re: Mark Krikorian’s Latest Rant

I’m not going to comment one way or the other on what Dan Sutherland is doing now at the Department of Homeland Security, except to say that the fact that he was at one time affiliated with the Center for Equal Opportunity does not mean, Mark’s suggestions to the contrary notwithstanding, that CEO or its chairman, Linda Chavez, has anything to do with what he is doing now.  Sheesh.

As for the last paragraph in Mark’s post:  Linda’s “attempt to curtail speech” was to warn conservatives against making bigoted remarks.  Well, yes, I guess that’s an attempt to curtail speech—so what?  This is not a “loss of self-belief” or “fear of self-assertion” or “PC paralysis,” let alone the “Oslo Syndrome.”  It’s saying that conservatives shouldn’t be bigoted jerks. 


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