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Re: McCain-Hastert

Not so fast, Ramesh. What could Hastert

have been implying about McCain other than that he (McCain) doesn’t know the

meaning of sacrifice? (Anyway, it was a bizarre statement for Hastert to

have made, given that the McCain speech he was reacting to praised the

soldiers’ sacrifice in the same sentence in which he dinged everybody else).

And why is it wrong for the DMN editorial — which, I should point out,

represents the view of the editorial board, though I agree with what it says

and had a lot of input into shaping it — to find it objectionable that

Hastert hauled out the same old tired GOP trick of calling McCain a RINO

when he bucks what the leadership wants? Where is it written that to be

counted as a Republican in good standing, you have to agree to whatever

foolish spending the president and the party leaders desire?

I was, of course, a McCain supporter in the 2000 primaries, but ended up

glad that he didn’t win. I’ve been an enthusiastic Bush backer all along.

McCain is certainly not flawless, no question. What sticks in my craw about

this Hastert incident are a couple of things: 1) the way the GOP

establishment treats the guy for not playing along (for me, this goes back

to being down in South Carolina covering the primary and seeing the dirty

pool that Pat Robertson & Co. pulled on Bush’s behalf), and 2) the way the

Republicans under Bush and the Congressional leadership spend, spend, spend.

McCain may be, as you imply, some sort of hypocrite on spending. But when

are we going to see Congressional Republicans tell the White House, “Forget

it, we’re not going to sign off on these profligate budgets anymore”?


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