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Re: McCain in Sc

Ramesh, I should have been clearer in my earlier post. I don’t know that Richard Hand, the Bob Jones prof who sent out the e-mail to Christians saying that McCain had fathered children out of wedlock was part of any organized effort by Pat Robertson. I doubt he was. Still, I put him into my item as an illustration of how some on the Christian Right played very dirty in an effort to stop McCain. I listened to Christian radio the whole time I was in SC, and heard some pretty vicious commercials about McCain, especially those lying about his pro-life record. I remember talking to self-identified Christian GOP primary voters who had taken this stuff to heart, and believed that McCain was the lowest snake in the grass around. Now it is true that political campaigns aren’t tea parties, but it galled me as a Christian to witness fellow believers so obsessed with worldly politics that they would stoop to calumniating McCain, and with such vigor. I wish I still had my notes from that primary, so I could give you more specifics. The only point I wanted to make was that it made emotional (but not political) sense to me when McCain lashed out at politicized Christian Right leaders.


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