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Re Middlebury

Charles, I’ll give you odds that your daughter’s professor, whose political leanings remain veiled, is a closet conservative.

Were he on the Left, he wouldn’t need to play his politics close to the vest.

I have some MSM experience with this. During the years I was at the NY Times, I worked very hard to keep my views to myself, to report straight down the middle, to be meticulously fair to both sides.

To do otherwise, would have been professional suicidal (and, I should add, my views were much more “media mainstream” back then; that is to say, I was at most center-right back in the 1980s, not a Bill Buckley conservative/neo-con/wing-nut as I am today).

Rare is the left-winger on campus or in the MSM who worries about letting his ideological proclivities show.

Common is the right-winger on campus and in the MSM who worries about not getting tenure or ending up covering the real estate beat in Trenton (respectively).

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