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Re More Fascism

I’m trying very hard not to write about Fascism on a daily basis in the Corner — in an effort to keep my powder dry — or some other appropriate metaphor. But, prompted by Randy’s post, I’d like to say two things. First, after spending the last 6 months reading almost nothing but books and articles about Fascism, I can say that Michael Ledeen really knows what he’s talking about. He’s still counted as one of the handful of leading scholars of Fascism even though he doesn’t work on the subject much any more. His book-length interview with Renzo de Felice (Mussolini’s definitive biographer and the premiere Italian historian of the period) on the nature of Fascism was one of the most politically and culturally influential books in post-WWII Italy.

Second, about that David Ramsey Steel article. It’s very well-done and spot-on on many points. But, in the interests of saving my own material, let me just say that he’s probably not right about the Cole Porter song. In fact, there’s a large controversy among a small number of people about that. Stay tuned for the day when Kathryn can relentlessly plug my book. In the meantime, please, no more Fascism-baiting!


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