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Re: More Sbc Fallout

I thought I should point out that the

helpful SBC executive who initially contacted me wrote again after this

morning’s Corner post saying he would personally dispatch a truck to my

house to fix the problem if I would stick by SBC DSL. I told him (sincerely)

that he’d been a prince about this, but if after all he’d done through

personal intervention I still wasn’t getting service, that SBC DSL was not a

company I had faith in any longer. A Cornerite wrote to say that this public

exposure might have done SBC DSL a favor:

I wanted to congragulate you on speaking with your feet by going with the

cable modem. As a manager in a software company, sometimes it takes people

like you to make us aware of the problems. The fact that the executive

called you personally with the full intention of fixing your problem through

“excecutive will”, and the fact that the problem has not been solved, should

be a kick in the teeth. Often times this type of thing causes sweeping “Jack

Welchian” changes. I have personally seen them triggered by relatively minor

customer service issues.

Tune in next week to see me warn you all off of The Dish Network. We

cancelled it when we left the house we were renting to move into our new

place. My wife called before we moved to ask what equipment we needed to

return to them. They said nothing about some doohickey on the roof dish. Now

that we’ve left the house, they’re telling us that if we don’t climb onto

the roof and retrieve the thing, they’ll charge our credit card and sic a

collection agency on us. Rudest customer service people we’ve ever dealt

with. My wife asked the guy who told her she should have read the fine print

in the contract, “What if I was elderly or disabled?” Tough, he said. Oh,

y’all, I’m just getting started on these pirates!


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