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Re: More Sestak Questions

G. Terry Madonna, the sharp Pennsylvania pollster at Franklin & Marshall College, makes a good point in a conversation with NRO. “This [White House] explanation sounds plausible, but somewhat unbelievable,” he tells us. “Last summer, when this conversation supposedly took place, Sestak was visiting all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a huge state and that’s a major ordeal — it took him months. His candidacy, even then, was no lark. What was in the White House’s head to make it think that an offer so inconsequential would sway him? At that point, it was already clear he was serious. While the idea of sending in Bill Clinton to do its bidding is sort of brilliant, the offer he brought seems quite small in context to Sestak’s political movement at the time. This issue is still a hydra that could grow another head.”


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