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Re: Muscular Christianity

Andrew: Don’t get me started on the Eagle—the last twitch of Muscular

Christianity in the country that invented it. I knew ‘em all. Dan Dare,

with those improbable eyebrows. Luck of the Legion, with that sidekick

(they all had a sidekick–Dan Dare’s was named Digby, very feudal

relationship, cf. Mr Pickwick & Sam Weller, Frodo Baggins & Sam Gamgee, Jet

Morgan & Lemmy, etc. etc.) who was forever hankering to get a new kepi in

place of his squashed one–and of course, no sooner did he get a new one

than it was squashed again. Harris Tweed the dim detective, PC 49, the

cowboy–what was HIS name? And those uplifting biblical or classic-lit

strips on the back page… Nobody has a clue what we’re talking about, do

they? “Exile, silence and cunning”….

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