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Re My Lack of Passion

From a reader:


Where’s that from?

I was surprised to read that you have not only not seen The Passion, but

have “very little desire to see it.” How can NRO’s Mr Pop Culture (I say

this unsarcastically) not feel some desire (or at least responsibility) to

see what will certainly become the most successful R rated movie of all

time? Really, you should see it. I (and many others) would appreciate

reading your take on the various controversies (it’s anti-Semitic, it’s the

bloodiest movie ever (that’s a laugh — apparently most film critics don’t

actually watch films such as Kill Bill or Starship Troopers), etc), as well

as your overall impressions from the movie.

Me: Yes, I do feel like I should see it. But I don’t think I will find it enjoyable as entertainment — something numerous fans of the movie have confirmef for me. I am so swamped these days with my book etc. my desire to go out and see a movie like this is pretty low. Though the subject matter is different, I postponed seeing Schindler’s List (and the Washington Holocaust museum) for similar reasons.


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