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Re: Nation of Immigrants

I can’t think of anything to add to what I’ve already said, nor for that matter of anything to subtract, so unless something occurs to me, or I get a really postworthy email, I’ll leave the discussion where it stands.   Couple of housekeeping points on our email:    (1) To keep down spam, I prefer to keep my e-address in only one place:  on the home page of my personal website.  There it is–it’s the very first link on the page. This really isn’t hard to figure out.  If you google my name, that page comes up right away.  I therefore don’t have much patience with people who grumble that they can’t find my e-address.  Sufficiently many people CAN find it that I have a humongous email backlog.   (2) When we pass comment, as I think we all do from time to time, about how many pro and con emails we’ve had on some topic, you have to take it on trust.  I don’t know how it could be otherwise.  We’re mature and professional people, we’re not going to lie about something as petty as that.  I am sure there have been occasions when my email has run 9 to 1 against some position I’ve taken, and I have said so on The Corner, though I can’t locate an instance.  Newspaper “Letters to the Editor” columns, in my (admittedly limited) experience, try to balance out the mail they receive.  If they get 300 letters pro some topic and 100 con, they’ll print three pro letters and one con.  We try to do the same–well, I do, and I’m sure my colleagues do too.  This is fugitive journalism here, though, and we’re not logging things with a calculator and doing precise comparisons–we work from rough impressions.  And all tallies and estimates of email exclude crazy and abusive stuff, which we all just ignore from long practice.   On my own recent posts, for the record, I got around ten on my lack of sympathy for Libby, with a slight pro-Libby, anti-Derb margin (but the pro-Libby emails were much angrier than the pro-Derb ones).  On “nation of immigrants” I’ve had around 30 emails, all but two taking my side (and one of those trying to split the difference).