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Re: Nco’s

From a reader:

I spent ten years in the military, two years as an

officer platoon leader in the parachute infantry, and

it annoys me a bit when I hear people say that you can

disobey an illegal order.

The army trains its soldiers from day one to obey

orders unhesitatingly. Most NCOs would have the ass

of any soldier who said, “Well, Sergeant, I think I’m

going to have to let that order pass since it seems

illegal to me.” Most soldiers wouldn’t even think of

trying it on for size.

I saw one order disobeyed when I was in the army and

that was when a new replacent battalion commander

ordered one of our rifle companies to move into an

area where there was a major wildfire and an enormous

amount of unexploded ordnance. As soon as it was

explained to the major, he backed off.

These enlisted men/women deserve some punishment, but

the real miscreants are the officers. No excuse.

Either they authorized this nonsense, created the

environment where it could flourish or were so

delinquent in their duties that they didn’t spend

enough time with their people to know what was going


Hang ‘em high!


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