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Re: The Next Shoe

Speaking of shoes, the Los Angeles Times reports that India’s new fling is shoe throwing.

Taking a cue from Iraqi journalist Muntather Zaidi, who earned a year in jail for his “real-time editorializing” after hurling both of his shoes at then-President Bush, India has witnessed a flurry of flying footwear in recent weeks.

These missiles of malcontent have left politicians on edge and prompted inquiring minds to ponder: Why can’t journalists aim better? Do they get their shoes back? And is this so endemic that shoe hurling will become a required subject at journalism schools?

“It’s become an epidemic,” said Ashis Nandy, a political psychologist.

As a result:

Politicians are ducking flying footwear in India. Officials are beefing up security, even asking supporters to go barefoot. Some Westerners might smile, but there’s a deeper message to this trend.

Read the whole thing here.


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