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Re: Northern Ireland

Yesterday I posted a dismissive remark on The Corner about the allegations

of Brit-govt collusion in terrorist killings in Northern Ireland. John Fay,

who runs the inestimable “Nuzhound” website,

gathering up news & comment on the N.I. situation, begs to differ. Here he

is: “John, I’m afraid it’s a little more than simply a case of the

government turning a blind eye to morally dubious behavior of its moles. It

seems that there was some targeting or ‘directing’ going on. And, Sir John

has stated clearly in the report that both communities were not treated

equally. There’s more to come on this yet. Here’s the Stevens Report: So, it’s a

little more complicated than your corner post from yesterday. And, it was a

much bigger deal in the British press than the Irish press simply because as

far as most Irish people were concerned, they already knew all this…” I’m

not altogether on board with that. I can’t see why, for example, a govt

should “treat two communities equally” when one community serves as a host

for people seeking to destroy that govt’s authority… However, NRO readers

can make up their own minds, by reading the Stevens Report and the wide

variety of comment on Nuzhound, one of the best special-topic newsgathering

sources on the Web.


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