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re: Not So Fast

David Kuo’s recommendation that conservative Christians take a two-year “fast” from political activity strikes me as the answer he came up with knowing he would inevitably be asked “What’s an evangelical to do given the disappointments, setbacks and temptations when involved in politics and policy disputes?”  The alternative would be some ancient advice that would have served the disillsioned David  well:  ”put not your faith in princes.”  Speaking to his fellow Christians, in 2003 the American Catholic Bishops issued a letter on “Faithful Citizenship” instructing Catholics that “participation in the political process [not merely voting] is a moral obligation” and “every voice matters in the public forum.”  Of course, David has started a lively debate about the suitable political role for conservative evangelicals that wouldn’t have been engaged if his advice was more modest:  Don’t confuse your religious and political convictions like I did.


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