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Re: Npr’s Stunning Verdict

An e-mailer suggests about NPR’s ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin admitting liberal bias: “The stunning verdict (and it really is stunning) might have something to do with the fact that NPR is having a fund drive on now, although, it may only be the NYC affiliate.”

No, Washington’s WAMU is also hounding listeners for cash. An intriguing theory, although if I had to bet a Big Mac, I’d bet not. After all, we could say admitting liberal bias is a bad tactic at fundraising time….or is it? Pledge drives are always a time when balance goes out the window. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 20 minutes for us to tell listeners why they SHOULDN’T contribute? You might not start with Terry Gross’s bias. You might start with her salary of $85,000. And look at the other ones: Bob Edwards, $229,754? Jonah, look at the schmundo in “nonprofit” radio!

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