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Re: N/T

Tim: A reader defends Nip/Tuck in an e-mail:

I wouldn’t be so harsh on Nip/Tuck. Yes, there is some material which is just unnecessary, or even if it does serve a purpose, its presented in a childish manner (ie having weird sex just to attract viewers, not as an explanation of a character’s spiritual descent).

But THERE ARE A NUMBER OF ASPECTS A CONSERVATIVE WOULD LOVE. First, Dr. Troy’s life turns around big time when he is caring for the black baby. He chastises Matt for masturbating in public, urges his ex-girlfriend to stop having sex all the time, and is a lot more responsible. The child isn’t even his, but it transforms him – WHAT A GIFT A CHILD CAN BE!

Second, the life coach Eva makes a comment to her teenage son that she wished she had aborted him many years ago. What a horrible thing to say – but if you think about it, it CLARIFIES THE HYPOCRISY OF ABORTION. An “abortion” would mean killing the person that grew up to be this child – not just a group of cells, but a group of cells that would grow up to be a human of many ages and stages of development….

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