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Re: Ny Post Conned

A reader: “Derb—I think you are missing one of the main points regarding

the NY Post con. Media reaction to Kerry campaign conning the NY Post:

’Hee-hee, how cute! They really snookered those guys, didn’t they?’ Media

reaction to Bush campaign conning the NY Post or any other media outlet

(especially one of the liberal ones): ‘How crass! How conniving! Can we

really trust a man who would do something this unethical to run the

country?’ Three weeks of front page ’scandal’ news and angry op/eds would

follow. In other words, a Republican could never get away with it and the

GOP knows it.”

Not sure this guy’s right. This particular spoof was very well calibrated

to avoid any charges of being “mean-spirited” etc. Imagining the

converse — a GOP campaign putting one over on the Daily News — I don’t

think even the liberals could hype it as a scandal. It’s just a neat trick.

And, of course, the campaign in question can always claim, with high

plausibility, that they are not responsible for journalists’ guesses…

“Putting out false information? Us? Prove it!”


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