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Re: NYT’s Ayers-Obama Whitewash

A quick follow-up to Stanley’s post:  Isn’t it about time that campaign reporters demand live answers from Obama himself, rather than from uninformed campaign aides, about the basics of his relationship with Bill Ayers?


For starters:  When did you first meet Bill Ayers?  When did you first meet Bernardine Dohrn?  When did you first learn that they were unrepentant terrorists?  Did you ever tell either of them that you condemned their terrorist activities?  Did you ever express reservations to anyone about serving on boards with Ayers?  About funding his radical educational initiatives?  About having him host a political reception for you?  About accepting a campaign contribution from him?  How many times have you or your wife been in his home?  How many times have he or Dohrn been in yours?  Did you meet with Ayers before becoming chair of the CAC board?  When did you last have any communication with Ayers or Dohrn? 


And so on.  Get to work.


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