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Re: Obama’s Abortion Spin

Ramesh, good stuff on that John McCormack post (which usefully updates what Ramesh, Yuval and Jen Rubin have done in the way of analysis).  But I have to confess I laughed when I first read the Messiah’s statement:  “I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught Constitutional law.”  Really? What mastery of the subject! What a teacher he must have been!

I imagine that if Phyllis Schlafly taught a lesson on “reproductive freedom” in a ConLaw course, Roe would be at the center of it, no?  As Roe is the case that creates the right commonly referred to as “reproductive freedom,” what the hell else would be at the center of the lesson plan?  What has our national debate been about for the last 30+ years?

Does it get more vapid than this guy?

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