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Re: Obama’s Not Really the First

Boy, I got a lot of response to my request for other fictional examples of black American presidents. The largest number of readers pointed to a piece from The Onion:

Have we learned nothing from the tragic events of 1998, when, under the watch of President Morgan Freeman, this nation was plunged into chaos, and hundreds of millions of people died at the hands of the deadly Wolf-Beiderman space rock? The mere fact that this country is even considering putting another black man, Barack Obama, in the Oval Office proves that we have not.

And another reader points to a Clancy novel I haven’t read:

Tom Clancy’s Teeth of the Tiger refers to Jack Ryan’s Naval aviator pal, Robby Jackson, becoming the first black president, only to be assassinated by a redneck. The novel series skips a few years, so that’s why it’s only referred to.

And how’s this for obscure:

In 1926 the Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato (famous for his children’s books) wrote a sci-novel where a black man is elected the 88th president of the US in the year 2228 by a coalition of blacks and women. It is called “O Choque das Raças ou O Presidente Negro” – “The Clash of the Races, or, The Black President”. Eventually, the whites somehow kill the president-elect before he can take office and the try to exterminate the blacks sterilizing them via hair straightener. (Not very PC – Sounds like the kind of thing Farrakan would think up in an inspired moment at the pulpit.) I haven’t read it, but it the book was mentioned by a few journalists here in Brazil during the election. Slate also wrote an article on it. See

And then there’s President Black Bush from Dave Chappelle’s show.

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