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Re: The Observer

As the only NR-ite and Corner visitor to write for the New York Observer, let me put in a word for the pink paper. The Observer debuted in 1987. I thought they might like a conservative columnist, so I called up the owner and publisher, Arthur Carter. At that time all I knew of him was that he also published The Nation.

When I arrived in his office, I began with my spiel of who I was and what I had done, but he cut me off. “Of course I’m familiar with your work from National Review,” he said, then added: “I gave National Review $1000 once.” “Why did you do that?” I asked. “Because I think National Review does a good job, and magazines that do a good job should be encouraged.”

His ideal, I realized, would be to publish all the journals of opinion. Since he can’t do that, he does the next best thing, which is to publish the truly heterogeneous New York Observer.

(Note to Jonah, Kathryn: Let’s not ask him for $1000 for NRO until some time has passed, shall we?)


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