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Re: The Ohio Obstacle

Obama sees hope in northeastern Ohio:

Obama’s bailout of General Motors appears to carry more weight in Ohio than in other areas of the Rust Belt, owing to the presence of a large GM plant in northeastern Ohio. On the trail, Obama has underscored this point. “I bet on you,” he told a Toledo crowd earlier this month.

Romney, however, will not concede the region:

If you missed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, [have] no fear. He is making yet another stop in northeast Ohio this coming Friday. Romney will be at Lake Erie College in Painesville, located at 391 West Washington Street.

It’s a tough area for Republicans, especially since GM recently announced that it will invest more than $200 million in its facilities there. Late last month, Vice President Biden stopped by a UAW hall near the plant. Via the Times, you can see how critical this region was to Obama’s victory in Ohio four years ago:


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