The Corner

Re: Owning Jobs

Jonathan: “I will admit that my position may not be politically popular…”

I am sorry, Jonathan, but as an old Monty Python fan from way back, I see

the figure of John Cleese in that sketch where he lays out his proposal to

bomb the houses of the working class so that they can be driven out into the

streets to be machine-gunned. He concludes: “I realise that this is not a

popular position, but I have never courted popularity.”

I no longer have any sympathy with your befuddlement, though, as our

difference of opinion now seems perfectly clear to me. You are an

open-borders guy, and I’m not. You favor free trade in labor, and I don’t.

I fear this is one of those matters of personal conviction — to be a bit

more precise, a matter of one’s ideas & emotions about the content of the

word “nation” — not much susceptible to argument.