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re: Parade Raining & Obama

Jonah, I do think it’s a great thing that a man named Barack Obama can be a viable presidential candidate. But I also think Clarence Thomas rocks the house. He’s, of course, not as universally celebrated as Senator Obama. He’s got a tremendously inspirational story and has achieved great things despite challenges and, yes, racism.

The coverage of Barack Obama is nearly universally following his narrative. I am historic, come follow me. All I’m saying is, Hey, wait a second. This isn’t about YOU. This is about America, and America was a beautiful thing before Barack Obama and will be after Barack Obama. It was a beautiful thing before Hillary ran. It is a beautiful thing even if she lost. Just a little perspective, please. There were weak knees last night. God bless America. God bless Barack Obama. Now let’s debate some issues. Judge by the content of our character, not the color of our skin and all…


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