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Re: In (Partial) Defense of McClellan

Ramesh, I don’t see how McClellan’s unimpressiveness is mitigated by the difficulty of the job.  Being third-baseman for the Mets is a difficult job.  But I’ve still seen lots and lots of third-basemen, I’m confident I can spot a lousy one, and the fact that I’m personally not qualified to do the job doesn’t suggest to me that my assessment of lousiness is suspect.

And while it is no doubt true that committed partisans of the President would have criticized McClellan even if he had resigned and then spoken out, that does not diminish the force of an honorable resignation – especially compared to what we have here.  Further, those complaining today are merely holding McClellan to the standard he personally applied to Richard Clarke, whom McClellan derided for Clarke’s purported lapse in waiting two years to cash in with an election-year tell-all book rather than speaking out in a timely fashion.


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