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Re: Pat Tillman, Rip

I’ve just written a Dallas Morning News

editorial about Pat Tillman’s sacrifice. I ran across an utterly disgraceful

quote from a contemptible man, Tampa Bay Buccaneer Simeon Rice, who had this

to say when his former Arizona Cardinals teammate enlisted in 2002 (the

whole article is


Someone who wasn’t overly impressed with Pat Tillman’s call to duty was

Simeon Rice, a former Cardinals teammate who now is with the Tampa Bay

Buccaneers. Earlier this year, on Jim Rome’s national radio show, Rice said

Tillman “wasn’t that good, not really.” He went on to imply that Tillman

probably wasn’t going to be around the NFL much longer anyway, so joining

the Army was no big deal.

Only after Rome gave him repeated opportunities to amend his comments did

Rice finally say, “I think it’s very admirable, actually.” He added of

Tillman’s motivation: “Maybe it was the Rambo movies? Maybe it’s Sylvester

Stallone and Rocky?”

Pat Tillman. Simeon Rice. Which one do you want your sons to be like?


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