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Re: ‘Path to 9/11’ Hubbub

It’s important that ABC’s viewers understand that not everything they see on this miniseries is exactly what happened. But what has the Clinton people protesting in their usual hyperbolic cartwheels is anyone at a major network would dare even to attempt to evaluate what went wrong on terror during the Clinton years, a subject our “news” media has strenuously, aerobically avoided. It’s sad that people could get more on this subject from a Hollywood miniseries than what the network newsies have provided.

Just take for starters, President Clinton testifying before the 9/11 Commission in April of 2004. While Condoleezza Rice’s public testimony was a huge story for the networks — they aired her testimony live, soap opera addicts be damned — Bill Clinton’s private testimony on the same day was almost completely ignored by the TV network news. That day was a priceless example of how the politically calculating liberal media claim they hold the government accountable — depending on who’s running it.

Tim GrahamTim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center, where he began in 1989, and has served there with the exception of 2001 and 2002, when served ...