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Re: Pc Hymns

Andrew: Yes, “smiting” is good, though I don’t think it rises to the level

of doing stuff by the light of burning martyrs.

As a lad I was fascinated by the KJV expression “smite them hip and thigh,”

as in:

“And he smote them hip and thigh with great slaughter.” – Judges xv. 8.

Brewer’s “Phrase & Fable” says the original Hebrew may refer to the os


“Os Sacrum … A triangular bone situated at the lower part of the vertebral

column, of which it is a continuation. Some say that this bone was so called

because it was in the part used in sacrifice, or the sacred part; Dr. Nash

says it is so called ‘because it is much bigger than any of the vertebrae;’

but the Jewish rabbis say the bone is called sacred because it resists

decay, and will be the germ of the ‘new body’ at the resurrection.

(Hudibras, part iii. canto 2.)”

Seems to me it would be more efficacious to smite the enemies of the Lord at

(say) the neck.


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