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re: Peggy Is Wright

Another view:

It’s all very nice that Wright doesn’t get Peggy’s dander up; nice to be less than outraged about  lunatic utterances that few can really take seriously. Unless you live in my neighborhood (the inner-city of Cleveland) and see the effect  lunatic utterances such as those have on broad swaths of the community when they’re embraced and perpetuated by the local grievance classes who control so much of the community–especially the schools. Go to the pockets of failure in black neighborhoods and there’s a good likelihood that the pernicious attitudes expressed by Wright hold sway. And what of Wright’s bizarre pronouncements about the differences in learning style between black kids and white kids? The essence of racism draws only a yawn? Peggy’s tepid attitude toward Wright seems a function of the “soft bigotry of  low expectations.’ Not being outraged by the Wrights and Sharptons does America, and black Americans in particular, no favors.


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