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re: Perry’s Pastor Problem

Andrew, I believe that is what is known as a drive-by there on Bill Donahue. I am a firm believer that we all have our roles, and he fills his courageously. But you and I have been arguing about such things on and offline for more than a dozen years and will continue to, no doubt.

I was reading some of the comments on your post. Some seem to think Romney needs a JFK moment where he makes clear that his religion and his politics are two separate things. Actually, fifty years later, there has been a lot of good reflection on the ways Kennedy’s speech did more harm than good — including from Rick Santorum, the new archbishop of Philadelphia, and Sarah Palin, in her well-done book America by Heart

And when it comes to Governor Romney, he’s done a major religion speech, and he did not channel Kennedy in it. In 2008, in a speech in Texas, he talked about faith in America. Including his. And with a little help from George Washington.