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re: The Pornography E-mails



One interesting thing about the e-mails your posted:  Not a single one discussed the effect of pornography on the people (especially the women) in the industry.  Someone like Stuttaford may say that’s not our business, but it is.  I don’t necessarily advocate a law to criminalize it, but I’ve made the decision not to subsidize an industry that destroys so many of the lives of the people who work in it. 

I would imagine not one (unless he’s very sick) man who watches pornography or goes to the nudie bar would want his little girl to grow up to be a strip dancer or a pornography actress.  If it’s beneath the dignity of his daughter, it’s also beneath the dignity of all the women who didn’t have a decent dad when they were little girls. 

I’m a man and I understand the strong attraction but for people who say they “use” pornography for legitimate reasons, they need to internalize that they are really “using” a real live human being.  There’s no personal reason that justifies it.


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