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Re: Price for Speaker?

On the home page, I report that Rep. Tom Price of Georgia is concerned about the direction of the Republican conference, as well as the threat of tax increases, should Speaker Boehner cut a deal with the president. And when it comes to his political future, he isn’t ruling anything out. The buzz on Capitol Hill is that Price may challenge Boehner for the speaker’s gavel, especially if the debt talks lead to rate hikes.

This afternoon, however, Price issued a statement that he is not running for speaker:

“Congressman Price is not running for Speaker,” Price spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael said in a statement. “He is focused on real solutions to get America back on track. Those solutions reside in fundamental principles that embrace individual opportunity and economic freedom.”

If you read the piece and his comments, you get the sense that he’s not running now, but he’s not exactly closing the door.


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