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RE: Primary Difference

Both Wehner and JPod are right in observing what Klein said about Krauthammer is disgraceful. I find this to be especially true because my one and only personal interaction with Joe Klein suggests he isn’t in a position to talk about “getting out and seeing the situations he’s writing about.” Last January, I followed the Straight Talk Express around Michigan during the Republican primary. I arrived ahead of the bus for a rally at Michigan State University in East Lansing, and was sitting down at the Kellogg Center on campus, green and white Michigan State colors and logos adorning everything, hammering away on my laptop, waiting for the rally to begin. Out of nowhere, I heard a voice asking me a question — “Excuse me, but do you know what town we’re in?”

I looked up and it was Joe Klein, eating a hamburger, and apparently lost. Maybe this was atypically clueless for Klein, but it sure makes me wonder how an able-bodied guy who can’t be bothered to look at his travel itenerary or pick-up on the million or so cues around him to tell him where he is gets off suggesting that Charles Krauthammer’s powers of perception are suspect because of his limited mobility.

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